Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our San Diego Vacation

So I was feeling pretty sad knowing that our little family is going to be spending a lot of time apart for the next year, so I told Cory we should do a spur of the moment trip to California and just spend a weekend on the beach. We haven't taken the time (or money) to go to California yet and we're so close how could we resist. After all, who knows where we'll end up for the next 4 years! I told my friend Heather and they wanted to go too, and then the Jones's ended up joining us too! We left on Friday and came home Monday. We all got a smokin' deal on a hotel thanks to Priceline and were able to have a great, much-needed trip!

I was busy packing while Cory was playing a little Guitar Hero (what a working/Cory playing...:) and I asked him to get the girls dressed and Kristen comes walking over looking kind of strange. Cory thought he was "done" dressing her... I showed him what she looked like and he said "What?!) That's so "in" these days!

Here is a slideshow of all of our pictures from the trip since there are so many! We had a blast!!!

Heather also took some great family pictures of us while we were there that I'll put in a different post. Stay tuned!
We enjoyed San Diego so much we were kind of wishing we could do a Residency there! Here are a ton of pictures of our fun getaway!


LuJean said...

You all looked so good--looks like you all had a great time! We are so glad you got to go!!!
Love, Mom and Dad

Judy said...

San Diego is on the top 1o list for my family. We have many fun memories. Melissa had a summer romance one year there with one hunk of a guy. Glad you could visit while you still live close.

Ben said...

Coolness, those pics look kind of familiar :)