Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ok, Ok…I’m posting!

I’ve been so lame lately and haven’t wanted to blog! There hasn’t been much going on to be “blogworthy” I guess. Either that or I’ve just been plain lazy!

Cory is in Michigan for the month. He will come home next weekend (he’s driving…oh joy!) and then he and I will head to Phoenix for a few days while he takes his Boards. I can’t wait for a few days in the valley of the sun just the two of us! I got a great deal on Priceline. I put in my bid for a 3 star hotel and they accepted my offer and upgraded us to a resort! I can’t wait to lay out by the pool! I know we’ll probably just be in a normal room but at least it won’t be in the ghetto!

Then when we get back Cory will head to Denver for his last month away from us! I’m thankful we have friends there who are willing to put up with him for the month :) Thanks Val and Maria!!

On March 8th it is “Match Day” when we find out where we will be moving in June for the next 2-3 years! Michigan, Florida, California, Washington…or pretty much anywhere if he doesn’t “match” with one of the programs he’s chosen. Cross your fingers for us that we will get one of his top picks!

Lauren is still doing great in school. She really is eager to read these days. I need to get her some beginning reader books so she can actually read a whole book by herself. She gets so frustrated when she can’t get a word right! She is really my little helper these days. She has a sticker chart now for when she does good deeds and does what I say without complaining (which was a big problem for a while!) It has really worked for her. If she’s being a little butt-head I threaten to take away stickers and that usually does the trick!

Kristen is quite a pill these days. She has a lot of attitude and doesn’t want to do anything unless it’s on her terms (including potty training…ugg!!). One quirky thing right now is she LOVES tomatoes. Seriously, we walk through the store and the only thing she requests is “little tomatoes”. She especially loves the little grape tomatoes. The other night Lauren was walking around with a sucker….the LAST sucker..I thought there was going to be a meltdown for sure. Instead she looks at Lauren with the sucker and turns to me and says “I want 2 little tomatoes”. Wow…I wish both girls thought they were candy!