Monday, September 24, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kristen update!

She's getting big! Ok, so not big by anyone else's standards but big for Kristen. She now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz! She's gained over 3 pounds in her short 7 weeks on earth. Lauren was a
HUGE CHUNK (<-----see picture !) as a baby and already Kristen is ahead of where Lauren was at this time. I really hope for her sake she isn't chubbier than Lauren or we really won't even be able to see her eyes in a few months! She has started smiling a lot and has developed this weird yet VERY funny, not mine, not Lauren's.
She pulls her own hair!! ----->

She just lays there content as can be then all of the sudden will let out this blood-curdling cry. I go to see what the problem is and she has a fist full of hair! She does it on a daily basis now, so much so that I can recognize the "hair pulling cry". I tried to video it but she wouldn't perform so pictures will have to do! We are enjoying our new little girl. Lauren is being a great big sister, but gives me more attitude! Sassy pants! Oh least she loves her little sister!

Maybe too much sometimes!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Check out the recipes on this site, they look sooo stinkin' good! I'm making this Lasagna tonight!

But what I really want are these!!!You really should check out this woman's main page, I find it very entertaining!


Ok, I was perusing Dina's blog and she had a link to this HILARIOUS post! It somehow reminds me of all of the pregnant women we have in our ward right now! I love it!!! Oh, and congrats all of you preggos!