Saturday, June 28, 2008


Life has been a little more hectic as of late! We're moving in to a house next week in the 110 degree weather...we moved last year at this time too...aren't we smart?!
The girls are doing great. Kristen is in to everything these days and her knees and feet are pretty much stained dirty from crawling everywhere. We've been enjoying the pool lately and even went to our local Aquatic center the other day and Lauren had a blast until she was running on the pavement (big no no!) and slipped and skinned up her nose. A lifeguard was only a couple of feet away and saw it happen, swooped her up and practically sprinted to the first aid station. Lauren of course was more freaked out about some stranger running away with her in her arms away from her mom! She was ok once we got out of there! Also we've been helping Heather move out of our soon to be new home. It's bitter-sweet having a friend move away but also getting the nice little house she's been living in! We will miss them so much! She has also taken new family photos of us recently. You can see them here.
My parents are coming in to town in a couple of hours to help us move (they're the BEST!) and Lauren can hardly wait. Gommy is her best friend. She woke me up at 5:30 this morning to ask if they are in AZ yet. Keep in mind Lauren doesn't usually get up till 9:00!
Well that is life in a nutshell here. I'm posting a couple of pictures of Kristen. One funny thing she does lately is she likes to carry things in her mouth while she crawls around. She looks so proud when she does it. Silly girl. Also I painted her toenails for the first time yesterday, here is a picture of her dirty, pudgy feet but with pretty pink nails!