Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun with the Nielsons!

This past weekend some of our best friends the Nielsons came to stay with us. They live about 5 hours away in Wyoming. This is the closest we've lived to each other since were all living in Lewiston, ID in 2006. We were so close...They were there the day Cory and I were married in the temple for eternity. They were there while we all had to endure lamaze class. I miss hanging with Laura, being preggers together (ok, maybe I don't miss that part!) and having our first babies just 2 weeks apart. I feel like we helped keep each other stay mostly sane in those first couple of years. Lauren and Makayla were of course the best of friends whether they knew it or not! I have sooo many pictures of their first 2 years together but of course they are on our computer that is packed away. Kasey and Cory were always having fun going shooting or playing wiffle ball. They are 2 of the funniest guys I know and it's even better when they're together!
Now Kasey and Laura have 3 beautiful little girls. It was fun having 5 girls in the apartment for the weekend. There was lots of dress-up and barbie playing going on. We had good times going out to eat, going to the Zoo, shopping, and of course Cory and Kasey got in some wiffle ball, putting at our putting green, football tossing and anything else they could think of!
Many times over the weekend we heard Lauren and Makayla stating that they are best friends. It melted my heart since it was so sad for Lauren to be parted from her first best friend 3 years ago. They held hands practically all weekend and even attempted a "sleep-over" their first night here. It lasted till midnight when we had to split them up!
Thanks so much for this highlight of our time in Denver guys! We love you!
- somehow I ended up with NO pictures of Laura and I! SAD!

Fun at the zoo!

Some good ol' wiffle ball!

I LOVE Makayla's enthusiasm in this picture!

Kasey and sweet little Kimberly

Big Dorks!

The girls!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nice shiner!


Plus this...

Equals this....
Lauren was goofing around the other day and hit her eye right on our pointy window sill. Lovely huh?? Poor girl! This picture was taken yesterday. It looks even worse today but my SD card for my camera is broken!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A nice day

It's been fun here but a little tough not having girlfriends and their children to be with to be able to have some adult conversation and kids to play with my girls. Luckily there are lots of sights and places to go here to keep us entertained. We love all of the malls and the open air market's here. It's especially nice since it's been so mild here. Today was our hottest day at 81 degrees. I could get used to that!
We got to go hang out with my friend Alla and her cute little girls today. Alla is a friend that I met in Arizona. In fact she was one of the first people I met when we first moved to Arizona and she totally helped me feel welcomed and her oldest daughter Lexi was Lauren's first friend in AZ. Now we move here and we don't have any other friends and low and behold we have Alla who lives here now and is here to help us feel at home again! I am so thankful!
Alla invited us to this great mall near her place today called Southlands. It is beautiful and they have a little farmers market every Thursday and Saturday. I got some gorgeous veggies at amazing prices. Cheaper than in the stores and more beautiful! In the center of the court is a little splash pad. We took the girls swimming suits and they had fun but were shaking because they were so cold! It was still fun though. Then we went to lunch at one of my favs. Paradise Bakery and Cafe and then did a little shopping. It was a great day!
Check out these pretty vegetables! Oh and I just love my little Kristen's pot belly! Obviously Lauren does too...she's poking it in one of the pictures :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We've officially moved in..changed addresses, hooked up power, etc. My wonderful parents showed up about an hour after us in Denver to help us get settled and have stayed for over a week. So sweet! I'm going to be so bored once they leave and not know what to do with myself. Cory is working full time at the Denver V.A. As soon as he gets home he has to study up on different things and then goes to bed early for all of the early mornings he has now. Fun fun! I will have to make some friends fast or I may go insane :) Denver is gorgeous and has pretty much everything Phoenix does, minus the 115 degree weather thank goodness! I've already found a beautiful fancy mall with a great play area for my girls...Oh and I've found a new favorite store Anthropologie where I can't afford anything, but it's still fun to look! I know it's not a new store but I had never been before. The housewares are amazing and so unique!
I've had a great time exploring and finding out where everything is. We like our apartment. It's on the second floor above our garage which is kind of frustrating since we've never had to deal with stairs before. Kristen wants to walk up and down them all by herself and If I try to help she screams! It's going to be interesting to see how I will get groceries and both kids up the stairs in one piece! And our stair options are not ideal...the "secret passageway" stairs are inside the apartment leading to the garage and our side door. They are super steep with cement at the bottom...the other are outside hard cement ones. The problem is, you can see through the space between the steps and Lauren is SOOOO afraid of heights and sometimes begs to be carried! Good times! haha Oh and we have a ton of windows that are nice and big and let in the nice cool breeze but the windows are closer to the ground and I'm seriously afraid the girls with fall through the screens, so now I can only have them part way open. So many new things to get used to! Wish me luck! I will post pictures soon when my parents leave and I have ample time on my hands...stay tuned!