Monday, July 27, 2009

She's almost ready!

Lauren and I went school supply shopping...for the first time! She will be starting Kindergarten in Lewiston in the end of August. She will be going to the same school as I did! She hasn't been excited about the prospect and when I mention it she even says "I'm not excited". haha
Well, then we found out this last week that our good friends the Reese's got the home they wanted and now their daughter Hailey, one of Lauren's best friends ever, is going to be in her class!!! Now Lauren is getting more excited about this whole school thing FINALLY!
Here's a shot of our little school girl showing off her "My Little Pony" backpack.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

shirt recycling

I took a long sleeved shirt of mine that was ill-fitting and turned it in to a dress for Lauren. I also took an old long sleeved shirt of Lauren's and re-fashioned it in to a sleeveless, sassy shirt for Kristen. I saw the idea on this blog here and couldn't wait to start. I forgot to take before pictures, so here are the afters! My ruffles aren't perfect but it was my first try. What cute girlies!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm famous...

Check it out!


Crafty goodness

I have had fun sewing lately. I've made two bags now and am thinking of making more. Here are the fruits of my labors...
I used this pattern by Sandi Henderson for both bags.

I also scored recently when I went to The Fancy Tiger's 3 year anniversary party. It was great...I had spotted a pattern collection of vintage-style clothing for little ones and was so tempted to get one. But at almost 16 bucks a pop I had to pass! They had these free "grab bags" for everyone who came and I picked one out of the middle of the pile. Guess what it had in it?! One of the patterns I almost bought!!! SCORE! They also have this nifty little clothing store across the street I went to check out and they were giving away stuff too. I scored a funky little crocheted cupcake and pins from They also had these fun little memory card games from a paper printing company. I only spent around $8 there and ended up with way more in prizes. So fun!!! The only way it would have been more fun is if I had a girlfriend or two to go with me! Here are the pictures of my loot!
The fun thing about this little cupcake is your supposed to take it to a local landmark and take a picture of it there in a creative way and then upload it to the website. I may have just found our Saturday family activity :)

Oh, and I really do "heart" cupcakes!

Friday, July 10, 2009


We thought we had experienced some of the worst storms in Arizona during Monsoon season but tonight we were proven wrong...
Cory decided we needed to take a trip to downtown Denver to go to REI. When we were done at the store there is lightening and it's starting to rain. Halfway home it's down pouring so bad that we can't see out of our windshield. I told Cory we should do our grocery shopping but he didn't want to haul grocery bags in a storm...a little further down the road I tell him we should pull into a parking lot and wait it out. He says "no, I just want to get home". mmm...hmmm
Meanwhile we have our GPS on and it's telling us how to go home. Even though we knew how to get home, Cory liked to have it on so he knew which direction the road was was that bad! The rain was getting worse and worse the closer we got to home like rivers going across the road. Meanwhile we were very close to home and I notice the GPS is telling us to take a left turn
where we normally would go straight right before we get to our apt. I thought maybe the storm was messing it up...and then I said "maybe it knows something we don't!" Right when we pass straight through the intersection where it was telling us to turn left we drive into a literal RIVER! There was a van in front of us who had a genius driver who decides to freak out and stop in the middle of the bumper-high water....He ended up getting through just fine, but we sat idle long enough for our van to die...and not start up again....crap....
Meanwhile the girls start and BUSES are passing us and we are rocking in the waves. The water is coming up over our hood every time someone goes by.

Finally we wait it out long enough for our van to putter on out of the flood. It's not sounding so hot...maybe this is my way of getting a different van?! haha...anyway, here are some pictures from our adventure...

Moral of the story....Husbands listen to your wives!

This first shot was when it was just a harmless little thunder storm.

Here is where we get stuck!

Below are pictures of our back lawn area behind our apartment. If you click on the pictures you'll see that we have temporary water-front property.

Thanks Babe!

Cory spoiled me today with these gorgeous roses! I love that he has always given me flowers just for the heck of it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

sewing adventures...

I was shopping at the cutest little fabric/craft shop the other day called "Fancy Tiger".
They have all of this yummy fabric and fun things lining their shelves. I went there to get some fabric and a pattern for a new purse. I also ended up getting a pattern for a fun layered skirt. I think it turned out pretty cute for my first venture in to clothing for myself! I also grabbed a pattern for a dress for the girls.
Maybe I shouldn't have chosen an Amy Butler pattern for my first though because it was very tedious! You can't tell by the pictues but it has these fun layers that are unfinished so when you wash it a couple of times it has the fun kind of frayed look. I was even able to add a bit more length because as you know I'm a bit taller than your average gal.
Here are the pictures of the skirt and when I make the purse and dresses I'll post those pictures too!