Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crafty goodness

I have had fun sewing lately. I've made two bags now and am thinking of making more. Here are the fruits of my labors...
I used this pattern by Sandi Henderson for both bags.

I also scored recently when I went to The Fancy Tiger's 3 year anniversary party. It was great...I had spotted a pattern collection of vintage-style clothing for little ones and was so tempted to get one. But at almost 16 bucks a pop I had to pass! They had these free "grab bags" for everyone who came and I picked one out of the middle of the pile. Guess what it had in it?! One of the patterns I almost bought!!! SCORE! They also have this nifty little clothing store across the street I went to check out and they were giving away stuff too. I scored a funky little crocheted cupcake and pins from They also had these fun little memory card games from a paper printing company. I only spent around $8 there and ended up with way more in prizes. So fun!!! The only way it would have been more fun is if I had a girlfriend or two to go with me! Here are the pictures of my loot!
The fun thing about this little cupcake is your supposed to take it to a local landmark and take a picture of it there in a creative way and then upload it to the website. I may have just found our Saturday family activity :)

Oh, and I really do "heart" cupcakes!


LuJean said...

Your bags are so cute and look professional! You really did score on all that stuff yesterday!!

Susan said...

So awesome!!! It makes me think of the time we all went to that crazy fabric store together and dug through an insane amount of leather scraps to make baby shoes. :) I miss girls nights where we would craft stuff together... or at least Taya or someone would do it for me. :)

JonesFamily said...

Oh how I want to start sewing lots again, I guess I should stay home for more than 10 days at a time! You are getting me revved up to pull out the sewing machine!