Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, It's been a while since I've posted! We've been having a great time swimming, going to the zoo, and enjoying the Easter Festivities! A few weeks ago we visited the Phoenix zoo with lots of friends, It was so fun! We have planted our own little patio garden with tomatoes and bell peppers and we already have a little baby tomato! Then came the Easter parties. We had one with our playgroup here at the apartment complex. Lauren didn't get that she had to hurry and just pick up the eggs. She was picking them up and trying to open them right then and there! Frustrating!! =) So then on Saturday there was a big one on campus. I "briefed" her beforehand and it totally helped! She made a haul! Plus, we won a raffle ticket prize! New sandbox toys!
Then Cory decided we needed a new TV. So he went and got a good deal on a 40" Flat screen. Now he's one happy camper! Lauren enjoys watching her movies on it too.
Needless to say we've had plenty to keep us entertained!