Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new post...finally :)

Life here in Lewiston, Idaho has been treating us well. We've had lots of fun hanging with friends and family, playing on and in the river, fishing, visiting family and friends, and Cory in Seattle, getting settled in to a school routine, etc. Lauren is liking Kindergarten a lot. Her teacher is sweet and there is always a group of cute little girls running up to our van to greet Lauren as she is getting out.
I have way to many pictures to post on here of the last couple of months so I was lazy and posted them on Facebook. Loading pictures on here annoys me anyway so I only ever do a select few.
I also decided it was time for me to get back in the habit of blogging since I was asked to teach a class on it next week! Hah...I'm such a slacker!
Cory has been able to come home and see us almost on a weekly basis lately. It hasn't turned out to be such a bad thing driving 5 hours each way. We always love it when he is here!
Well, not much else is new. I'll be posting again once I have something blogworthy to write about!
Here are Lauren's school pictures...I have the disc with the copyright so I can print as many as I want. I'm so happy I didn't get the package deal so I would have a million pictures laying around! Grandparents and loved ones, let me know what size you want and I'll make a trip to Costco. Her little grin is cheesy but she is still my beautiful little girl!