Wednesday, November 19, 2008

crafts and hobbies

So, a group of us girls got together last year and all brought supplies to create a "Thanksgiving Banner" that we were copying from the Pottery barn. Many of them finished theirs in a timely on the other hand just got it done. Here's the finished product!

Also, Kristen has a new Hobby...

Sooo proud...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Rock Hounds!

Remember a few months ago when I did a post on Lauren being a huge rock collector??? Well now she's showing Kristen the ropes! This is how I found them the other day playing in the back yard. You can see in the pictures how proud Kristen is of her rocks! I love how they're in skirts and getting right down in the dirt. I love my little rock fanatics!


I am worn out after all of the Halloween festivities this year! The girls had many opportunities to wear their costumes. Kristen was a candy corn for a couple of events and then a little mermaid to match Lauren's mermaid costume. It was my first attempt at homemade costumes! It was so fun coming up with an idea in my head and then putting it all together. No patterns...No instructions...and I feel pretty good about the outcome!
Here are the little beauties!We went Trick or Treating with our good friends the Phillips.
We had a good time hitting all of the houses in the "richer" part of the neighborhood called Arrowhead Lakes and envying all of the houses that we will never be able to afford! It was a perfect night with the temperature around 80 degrees...No jackets covering up the kids costumes here!

The night ended with this nasty "whip scorpion" on a wall. Pretty cool huh Patti?! It was pretty creepy, but not as creepy as...

...these big dorks who think it's sooo cool to shave big ole' mutton chops and a handlebar moustache..and then top it off with a fabulous Hawaiian shirt...