Saturday, July 28, 2007


So I've done this before and every single time I had at least one Asian celebrity as a match. But now I do it and none...they must have added more variety!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 1 week left now!

I set up my induction day for next Wed. the 1st. He said they'll start me that night and I'll probably have her on the 2nd! We are Waaay excited, especially my sister Paula now that we are waiting for her! Aren't I the best sister ever??!! haha owe me one!

Monday, July 9, 2007

2 1/2 weeks!!!

Ok, So I wnet to the doctor today for yet ANOTHER ultrasound to see how big the baby is. She was measuring around 6lbs 14oz. Yeah! Bad news is, her head seems to be measuring 2 weeks big! uggg...Thanks Cory for the big head gene! So the Doctor is talking about inducing me around the 26th-27th of July...2 1/2 weeks from now...Holy crap! It's all seeming so much more real now that we have a date! As of today I wasn't dialted at all so I'll be working on that now...any suggestions??

Update: Well I may be waiting for my sister Paula to get into town to be induced...around the 2nd. I hope the Dr. is ok with this! I feel like I can hold out 5 days longer. Plus it will give us more time to prepare!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Getting ready for baby #2

I've been little susie homemaker lately and have been trying to find anything crafty to do. It's been fun making burp cloths, baby bracelets and "hooter hiders"! I can't take credit for the last one. Melissa sewed it all! Thanks Cory for being my "model".

She's so grown up!

It's really putting things in perspective getting ready for our newest little girl to arrive. Lauren is getting so big. I'm sure she'll seem huge when the baby comes. I'm so proud of the little "lady" she's become. Always wanting to be a big girl and do EVERYTHING for herself. It's very aggravating at times but it's also so good. She's starting to play games on the internet now and will not let me help! Papa you should be so proud of your little computer wiz granddaughter. These pictures remind me of you! Also she got a fancy nightgown that she likes to wear and prance around in every day. I guess I need to get her more than one! (hint hint Grandmas!)

Daddy's little girl!

Lately Lauren and Cory have been spending a lot of quality time together. Taking trips to Blockbuster, playing with Cory's nerf dart gun, going swimming. It's been so nice for them to get closer and for me to have my little breaks! Cory says he's in trouble because after one of their Blockbuster runs, she came back with a big gumball in her mouth and a Dora dvd, and she didn't have to ask for either one! She's got him wrapped around her little finger! It melts my heart! I love you both so much!
Happy Independence Day!!!

This 4th of July was fun. We spent it with the Pecks, Hunters, and Stevensons, minus Phil!
We had a nice little BBQ (thanks for grilling Craig!) and then we braved the heat and went to find some fireworks! We snuck into an apartment complex and watched from afar!
It was good times. The kids loved it. I even got to see my very pregnant friend Melissa hop a fence. What entertainment! In the picture of Lauren and Alex smiling at the camera you can see Melissa straddling the fence behind them =) You're a crazy woman Melissa!