Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!

This 4th of July was fun. We spent it with the Pecks, Hunters, and Stevensons, minus Phil!
We had a nice little BBQ (thanks for grilling Craig!) and then we braved the heat and went to find some fireworks! We snuck into an apartment complex and watched from afar!
It was good times. The kids loved it. I even got to see my very pregnant friend Melissa hop a fence. What entertainment! In the picture of Lauren and Alex smiling at the camera you can see Melissa straddling the fence behind them =) You're a crazy woman Melissa!


Burtenshaws said...

um, are you at Archstone Apts where we use to live????!

Jodi said...

Yes Stacy! And we were wishing you were there!!!

aubree said...

Thanks for the garment shot. Embarrassing!