Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad day for a swim!

So we have started this routine among our friends to go to our friend Taya's house to swim on Wednesdays. She couldn't have us all over today so a few of us just decided to swim at our much less fancy pool for the afternoon.
It starts out with all of the children splashing each other, fighting over floaties, screaming, etc. Then to top it off the wind was blowing which makes for less than perfect swimming conditions. Then a dead baby bunny was discovered in the pools filter. yuck! Just when we were saying that this day is a weird day at the pool, we find 2 year old Taiya under water...Heather heroically jumps in, fully clothed with sneakers and all, and saves poor little Taiya! Yay HEATHER!!

Just when we were recovering from that little scare Lauren walks over to me walking a little weird...with something brown in her swimming suit bottoms...I don't think I need to say more...
We promptly went home and are happy the drama is done!

Susan mentioned that next time a pool day is canceled and we decide to go it on our own we should probably just realize it's not meant to happen!
Good times huh girls???!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My daughter..The great hunter

This is what I find laying around on a daily basis...

If you can't tell, these are rocks. Lauren is a rock collector. I love it and loathe it at the same time. I find these lying around the house in the oddest areas. The above pictures are exactly where she left them. She does come from a long line of rockhounds so I guess I can't blame her. I can see many great rock collecting hunts in our future. But for now she thinks that the chunks of cement she finds are the best treasures!
I love my little Rock Hunter!

Thursday, April 17, 2008