Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weenie Roast!

A couple of weekends ago a lot of our friends went camping in Sedona, but we weren't able to go and neither were our friends the Phillips. So Liora had a genius idea to have our own little weenie roast in our back yard. It was so much fun, complete with ghost stories by the fire! Best of all we got to sleep in our warm, toasty beds while all of our friends FROZE up north (don't you dare pretend you didn't people!) Thanks for the great times and memories Heber, Liora, and kiddos!

This is the "Dark Area" of the yard. You can't tell because of my flash obviously, but the girls were having the best time stepping in to the shadows and making each other scream. It was great!


Susan said...

Hey! I didn't freeze cause I was in a toasty hotel room! :) I'm starting to think that's a good way to camp - ;) Super fun idea to have a weenie roast... you guys are so fun. Can't wait to hang out this weekend at the resort!! :)

BensonFam said...

Oh I am so all about backyard camping! Glad you guys had fun - we sure miss all of our great friends and fun times in AZ.

Peck Family said...

nope... it was toasty outside all night.. and no we did not freeze or sleep in our cars and Yes my Lincoln slept through out the whole night!