Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Whaley House & other spooky places... ooooOOOoooo

When we were in San Diego we went to "Old Town" a few times to eat and look around and such. I really loved seeing all of the old buildings and hearing the creepy stories. One place I noticed was the Whaley House. I recognized it from various shows I've seen about America's most haunted houses. IT is rumored to be THE most haunted. Heather and I decided it would be fun and spooky to go on the ghost tour. We got to go to each room and hear of all of the stories and the history. It has a very interesting history, go HERE to read it if you're interested. Heather nor I experienced anything out of the ordinary until we were at the very end of the tour and Heather was snapping pictures. She was taking pictures of a particular desk in the music room ad couldn't get the pictures to focus. She'd shoot anywhere else, even in the same room and the pictures turned out crystal clear, but never when she would take a picture of the desk area. Very weird! She had to have taken at least 10 pictures, even from different angles and all of them were out of focus. I even like to think I caught a little something in a couple of the pictures
I took when I was walking around the outside of the building. I know it's more than likely just light and shadows playing tricks on my eyes but it's still fun! I know that if I ever saw anything in real life I would crap my pants! See what you see in my pictures below, click to zoom in on them.
....also, if you want to you can read Heather's post on it HERE

Heather and I with the Docent who gave the tour

We also got to visit the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island that is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Kate Morgan who stayed there and died there in the late 1800's. It was also the backdrop for the Marylin Monroe movie "Some Like It Hot" which I saw when I was younger and vividly remember this hotel in it. It was cool to play on the beach where Marylin Monroe probably spent some time!


N8 said...

I'm so jealous! I mean, happy for you, of course...

San Diego is my favorite US city, how cool that you guys got to go on just the spur of the moment!

Mands said...

FUn Fun! So glad you guys got to make a fun weekend trip to the best City and State ever. Ha! I'm a bit biased of course. Looked like a fun trip!

Mark and Niki said...

Okay that is just way too creepy!!! But I bet it was fun...I wonder if it would have been even spookier at night!

Ben said...

tons of ghosts oh my GOODNESS!!!!