Thursday, April 29, 2010

Return to Phoenix

In the end of February Cory and I had a chance to go on a little vacation down to Phoenix for a couple of days without the kiddos. He had a test to take and I saw this as our chance to have one last Hoorah before we move and don’t have built in babysitters anymore :) We had a wonderful time visiting our old town, favorite dining spots, new dining spots, and wonderful old friends. While Cory was taking his Boards I went to hang out with some of the old gang on the lawn at Midwestern’s housing complex. Ohhh how I’ve missed that place and wished I had my girls with me to run around on the grass in the beautiful sunshine! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and didn’t get any pictures of my old friends and their adorable kids. Luckily I will have the chance again in June when we go back down for GRADUATION!!!

While we were there we had a chance to go to a neat little place called Pizzeria Bianco. We had heard raves about this place for years from various people and even Oprah! It was apparently voted best pizza in America at one point. The only thing stopping us from trying it while we lived in Phoenix before was the 2-3 hour wait to even get in the door! They can only seat 40 people in the little old brick building. We lined up at least an hour before they opened and already there was a line waiting in front. They opened the doors and we were numbers 41 and 42 in we got to wait for another hour.  Cory went next door to Bar Bianco and got us some sodas. All they had was regular coke in bottles…and I don’t think they serve them very often since we popped of the tops and they were a little rusty! Luckily it was a gorgeous evening. Just perfect for sitting outside and sipping a nice cold coke from a bottle :) The pizza was great and Cory is so happy we finally went. Good times!


IMG_6046 IMG_6053

We stayed at an awesome resort called the Hilton Tapatio Cliffs. It was set on the side of a hill and was really cool and old world feeling. Our room was beyond our expectations and we got it for a smokin’ deal! We paid Super 8 prices for a resort. It doesn’t  get much better than that!     01



The time went by way to fast but I was very happy to get home and kiss my girls.

Then Cory went to Denver for his last month away in March. Now he is back with us and working with a local Podiatrist and then it’s graduation in June and then we’re off  to Miami! What a crazy rollercoaster of a year we’ve had! In a nutshell, we’ve lived in Phoenix, Denver, and Lewiston. All in the last 12 months! Cory has lived in all of those places and also Tacoma, WA and Grand Blanc, MI. But alas, we have survived and have had a great time!


Susan said...

It was so nice to see you when you were here! And I'm excited for you and your adventures to come in Miami!

Ben said...

Cool, sounds fun, I never made it to Oprah's favorite pizza either while living there, but if I went I would hope to have a bottle of coke to drink while waiting in line. Love the picture of the coke bottle! The resort looks ok too. :)