Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lauren’s Pictures

Lauren has had a great first soccer season. She has enjoyed herself but is still pretty timid when it comes to actually kicking the ball. She is such a silly girl and usually does a skip/hop combo when shes out on the field, but she will run really fast when its intense until she gets to the ball, then she gets shy. She did manage to make her first goal this last week. We were very proud! She been able to be on the same team as her best friend Hailey and Hailey’s dad is the coach so It's been great! Lauren is such a shy girl especially when it comes to men (thank goodness!) and Hailey’s dad was no exception, even after spending a ton of time playing over at their house. He would always say hi to her and ask her to give him a high 5 and she would completely ignore him!  Now that he has been her coach he’ll walk in the room and she shouts “Hey coach!!”.  So cute!



DSC03637 DSC03638



Here is her individual shot

soccerlauren 001

followed by the group shot…Notice that I failed to take the gum out of her mouth!! Lovely… soccer group 001 

And here is her first class picture! I just Love how the little boy in the front right is totally looking off to the side and so is the Principal!  So funny!



Ben said...

ah here it is again, I think I saw this on facebook :)

Peck Family said...

oh i miss her. and you. and your whole family.

Breezi said...

I LOVE that class photo! The cheeseball smiles of those kids cracks me up! It makes me sad that Alli's school doesn't do class photos. Bummer.

You've got some cutie patootie little girls there!

The Trippy Stevensons said...

WOW a goal! Way to go Lauren. Can you believe it...Kindergarten pictures. AHHH.