Monday, May 25, 2009

Our 4th year in a nutshell

Everyone keeps asking me when and where we're moving over the next year so I thought I would just list it all on here!
Cory will be traveling around the country doing "externships" for his 4th year of school. Basically he is going around to places he might want to do a residency at and putting in some time there. The girls and I will be joining him all of the months he is in Denver and of course when he is home in Idaho for 2 months. Otherwise Lauren and Kristen and I head home in mid-August for Lauren to start Kindergarten!! I can't believe my baby girl is that old. CRAZY! We sure will miss Cory but luckily we will be living with my parents so I will have lots of help :) We are excited to move to Denver in 2 days and really excited to move back to Idaho to spend time with friends and family. Then we head back to Denver in March. Hopefully I will stay sane through all of this...wish me luck!!

This is our year in a nutshell:

June- Denver CO
July- Denver CO
August- Denver CO
Sept- Tacoma WA
Oct- Federal Way WA
Nov- Tacoma WA
Dec- Vacation in Idaho for Christmas!
Jan- Lewiston ID
Feb- Grand Blanc MI
March- Denver CO
April- Denver CO
May- Denver CO

Then off to wherever "Dr. Brown" gets Residency after that for 3 years!


Jill said...

Hi! This is Laura's mom, Jill. I know Laura is so excited to see you and that you will be so close in Denver. Best of luck in the coming year!

Montierth Family said...

The crazy things that happen in order to get a good education! Here's to the wives that make it possible! ;0)

Mands Glenn said...

OH my gosh how can you even breathe with all of this craziness. So glad we got to go to lunch before you left. I feel like the worst friend, because I didn't get to help you pack one bit. So glad we have blogging world and facebook to stay caught up. You will totally be missed. Lil was talking about Kristen and Lauren at dinner in her Lilly words and I had to tell her they were gone. :(. DOn't think she gets it,but just know we will miss ya!