Monday, February 11, 2008

Lauren the ballerina?

So tonight Lauren was twirling around the living room and I told her she has a little ballerina skirt and leotard from when she was younger that would be perfect to twirl in. So I dug through her drawers till I found them. She put them on and had a blast. She's been extra girly today (thanks to Jenessa Phillips!) and LOVED twirling and playing like a ballerina.
So then I asked her (for about the 20th time) if she would like to take Ballet classes. She answered with her usual NO.
By the end it was time to get pajamas on but she wanted to sleep in her outfit. She threw a little fit...

So this was our compromise!

Then proceeded to do Yoga. I asked her if she wanted to take Yoga classes. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "MOm! I already know how to do Yoga silly!" She knows like 2 poses...

Downward Facing Dog
and the Butterfly

oh and this Lauren original
What a silly girl!


Princess said...

How cute!! So adorable and so talented! She'll be a great ballerina. Glad to see your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Her yoga poses kill me!!! She's so funny! I love it when you post stories about your girls.

Susan said...

That was a funny post... Lauren is so amusing!