Monday, February 11, 2008

better late than never

So Kristen turned 6 months and I feel bad I didn't do her stats and the new things she does, mostly for my own record keeping and also for here it goes
She loves pretty much anything she can get her paws on. VERY grabby. I don't remember Lauren being this touchy-feely. She get very angry anytime I take something away from her. Everytime she starts drinking her bottle immediately she reaches her hand up and has to touch my lips. If she doesn't she gets really squirmy.
She especially loves wipes. She sucks on them any chance she gets. I hope it's not bad for her!
She's beginning to take longer naps during the day but doesn't sleep as long at night. ugg
She is sitting up great these days.
She's very vocal and usually wakes us up with her babbling. She's so loud!
Her stats at her 6 month appointment were...
26 inches (they never measure her right so she may be longer) 75%
17lbs 12oz 83%
and 97% for head!
Lauren weighed 3 pounds more at this point! crazy
Kristen shows no signs of wanting to crawl which I am perfectly happy with! And no teeth either.
She's content to just play with what is around her.
Overall she's very happy and growing great!


Laura said...

What a sweet girl!

Laura said...

Kristen sounds like she is doign great... Sariah stats at 6 months honeslty don't have teh paper with the exact numbers with me but they went like this - head 25% - weight 50% and length 75% - she does have 2 teeth and no sign of crawling yet but I am totally okay with it!

Susan said...

It's cute to see her babbling!