Monday, January 4, 2010

A visit from awesome friends!

In November my good friend Melissa bravely made the trip up to see us with her two little ones Alex and Emma. She lives about 4 hours away. We were the best of friends when we lived in AZ while our husbands attended school.  We had to part way in 2008 when her husband graduated. I love that we’ve kept in contact and it felt so completely comfortable to have her here. Lauren and her son Alex were also super good friends. They were little when we met..Lauren was 3, Alex was 2. Yet they hit it off and were pretty much attached at the hip. If you look back in my blog during 2006-2007 you can find a lot of pictures of them together. Also, when I found out I was pregnant with Kristen, a week later Melissa informed me she was pregnant also! We were due a little over a week apart and had our little girls exactly 2 weeks apart! It was awesome to have an equally pregnant partner in crime during that time.

I was worried Lauren was going to act strange around Alex after not seeing him for a while but they were literally on the floor and wrestling within the first hour. Apparently their love for one another hadn’t been lost with time!

I am so grateful for our friendships and hope to keep them strong for years to come! We miss and love you guys!!

November 09 044

November 09 042


Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

i looked at that old kissing photo...when people ask Alex or Lauren when they had their first kiss they'll have to say 3yo or whatever it was