Monday, January 4, 2010


When we arrived here in August, my parents had a little stray kitten that was so cute but so wild. My Mom had been feeding him though so he got the idea we weren’t all that bad. Lauren made it her mission to tame him. 



She decided she wanted to name him Tommy. That stuck for a little while but then he just got so dang fat we call him Tubby now.



The girls like to see what he’ll play with and Lauren’s Barbie was very unfortunate one day…IMG_5248

and this is how Lauren felt about it! IMG_5246

He wouldn’t give it back! We have enjoyed having a pet for a little while since we won’t have one of our own for a very long time!

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Ben said...

I think that story encapsulates the highs and lows of having a pet- fun times with the pet, followed by destruction / mayhem caused by pet, followed by fun times, followed by more destruction, followed by death, followed by nostalgia. By the way I'm not really that big on pets if you weren't sure.