Sunday, August 2, 2009

My baby is 2!

I can't believe she's 2! I still feel like she's such a baby, even though she's such a big girl in some ways.
Here is a little list of the things Kristen likes these days:

*books, books, and more books!


*putting on her own shoes (99% of the time on the wrong foot of course!)

*picking out the lint between her toes (apparently this runs in the fam, Lauren did the same thing)

*dressing up as a princess

*Broccoli (thank goodness!)

*Doggies, except when they get too close!

*Being mean to Lauren...It's a constant battle!

*She used to just sleep with her Blankie and her froggie "Ribbit" but now she seems to add a new friend to the crib weekly. Now it's also 3 babies, her big blue stuffed bunny (it's bigger than her, and most nights she sleeps with it right on top of her) and her pink doggie.

*singing, her latest favorite is also Lauren's favorite, Love Story by Taylor Swift. They sing it all of the time, someday I'll get it on video :)

We sure do love our little pint-sized girl! Happy Birthday Kristen!


LuJean said...

Kristen looks so cute!! She looks so grown up! She's a big girl now.
We love you Kristen!!!
Love, Gommy and Papa

Susan said...

She is just so darn cute!! I love that watermelon cake jodi!

BensonFam said...

I still cannot believe the head of hair she is sporting at TWO! (Olivia was seriously bald until 24 months...) Happy Birthday Kristen! Hope you guys are enjoying Colorado.

Mands Glenn said...

I remember you carrying her in her bucket carseat carrier. WOw. . . they grow up so fast and she is one cuttie pie!

Liora said...

She is such a cute girl!! In her b-day pics she looks a TON like Lauryn. She looks so much bigger since we last saw you wasn't that long ago was it???

Ben said...

It feels like just yesterday that infant Kristen was watching us play guitar hero in your MWU apartment while you were out shopping. How times have changed. I need to get me some watermelon cake.