Sunday, March 29, 2009


I thought it was about time I updated this blog!! We have had a VERY busy month. Three different sets of company made for very exciting times.

First we had Cory's Mom Debbie and her husband Rick visit for about a week iAdd Imagen the first part of March. They did a spur of the moment trip and drove down. We were so glad they did! Lauren got an early birthday present from Grandpa, a new bike! We did a lot of driving around and just spent time with each other and the girls ate up every moment of spoiling they could! Pay attention to the top 2 pictures...hilarious!

Next we had my Mom and Dad (LuJean & George) come down for their yearly spring visit and they stayed for about 10 days! It was so nice to have them here too. Unfortunately we all got sick...My dad with Pneumonia, my mom with Bronchitis, and me with Pneumonia AND a sinus infection! We still managed to enjoy each others company in spite of all of the sickies!! For some reason they took all of the pictures of that week on their camera so I'll post some when I get some *hint hint Dad!*

Then 3 days later my awesome sister Paula graced us with her presence for a whole week! We had a blast just doing whatever we felt like.

We also were able to catch up with some old friends/neighbors the Wormell's who we lived next to us when we were teenagers. They happen to live about 45 min. away from us down here in AZ now. It was great reliving old memories...ohhh the bad hair Paula and I were sporting in those days. Karen you have total blackmail on us on those old home videos!

Last I wanted to post some pictures of the girls in some new dresses Nana sent down for Easter. I LOVE the colors and the style. Thanks Deb!

All in all it was a fantastic month. The weather was absolutely perfect the whole time and everyone got a taste of just how beautiful it is this time of the year here. We are so thankful for all of the wonderful family we have and we love you all!!!


The Trippy Stevensons said...

Yea! Wonderful to see all the cute pictures. Those spring dresses are very cute. But I would have to say Lauren's flower pants on the bright tassel bike was my favorite outfit.
Kristins frowny face made me LOL. CUTE CUTE CUTE girls.
p.s Even Phil says you look SOOOO GOOOD!!!

Mands said...

I love when family comes to visit. It was fun meeting your sister Paula. She was so fun to talk to at the shower. Totally down to earth like you! I love the girls in their Spring dresses. Girls are so fun!

Ben said...

Jody your pictures are so cool! Lauren and Kristen are super-cute and you can tell them I said so!! You're some kind of photographer!! :D