Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on all of us.

I decided it's time for me to document what my girls are up to these days so I can look back and remember..after all this is my only form of a journal lately!

Kristen is quite the little walker these days. She's become a real pro! She's very cautious and makes sure to take her time around any sort of obstacle. She's is fascinated by dogs, birds, and balloons...especially balloons! Anytime we're in a store with balloons she shrieks with excitement and points and says her best version of balloon. Oh and I can't forget shoes! This girl LOVES shoes. She even wants to sleep with them on sometimes.
She still only says a few words at this point but everyday I hear different sounds and attempts at words. She has said pretty, ball, balloon, nana (for banana and her Nana!) Mom, Dad, and some weird sounds for Lauren. Oh and of course Hi and nuh-uh & shakes her head no. She says Baby like "bay-bay" with an cute!

Lauren is quite the little learning sponge lately. She's taken an interest in sounding words out and we have gotten her a little pre-school curriculum book and she LOVES to do her homework! She's pretty much mastered most things in the book, we still have to work on her writing some of her letters better.
She's getting so tall and it seems like all of her clothes are too short for her all of the sudden.
She also has taken an interest in what she looks like. She wants me to straighten her hair and today when I was waxing Cory's uni-brow I did Lauren's too at her request!
She asks us daily if we will play Barbies with her. Barbies and stuffed animals are her absolute favorite toys.

Cory just started his first week of Rotations...YAY! This means he is done with classes...forever! Now he just basically rotates around every month or so to work with doctors in all different specialties for the next couple of years. Right now he's working with a Neurologist. We get to see him every evening now with no studying! It's been nice except for the fact he got the stomach flu first thing and had to call in sick on his second day! He's better now and hopefully good to go.
We get to go home for the month of December so he can do a rotation with a doctor in our hometown. We're quite excited!

Well and as for me, not much new to report other than losing 60 lbs total now! Woo hoo! I was holding steady at 57 lost but then a little bout of a stomach bug this week gave me a little extra help! =)
We're gearing up for Halloween and of course Lauren changes her mind daily what she wants to be. I love Halloween. The decorations are always so cool and in the best colors. I love wandering through the ailes and of course my favorite is when everything goes 75% off after it's over!

Happy Haunting Everyone!


Heidi said...

Holy smokes, Jodi! 60 POUNDS?! That is wonderful! What are you doing?! Way to go, girl-- you better post some pictures of your skinny self! Congratulations on a milestone like that!!

Laura said...

Love all the pictures! Congrats on 60 pounds. You are doing amazingly well. I can't wait to see you!

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

I loved the update! OHh and my favorite is that you totally wax Cory's unibrow. I have pics. of doing Jordan's. It's gotta be done! Your girls are gorgeous and Jodi it has been so neat watching you lose the 60 lbs. Seriously so inspirational! Both you and Cory look amazing. You should have added a modeling pic. of yourself.

Susan said...

Unibrow parties are the best! ;) And congrats on your weight loss - you are truly amazing! And I totally feel fat next to you! :)

Adam&Rachel said...

Hi! good to hear from you. Your daughters are so cute! Congrats on the weight loss and Cory being done w/ book work!!! I have tried to wax Adam's uni, but no go ;)

Julie said...

Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! You're girls are growing up too fast!