Friday, September 26, 2008

My 30th birthday!

This year was a wonderful year, with celebrations spread out over the course of a week.
First was my fun birthday party over at the fabulous Taya's house. Susan got the most wonderful chocolate cake from Costco and we had good food and great fun with friends. All of us girls and our kids went swimming and just ate and chilled. Thanks so much girls!
Next we went out for a quick dinner at Rubio's mexican Grill for some awesome fish tacos. Kristen had fun eating on the limes. Then Taya watched our girls for us while we went to the movie Tropic was pretty funny. The next night we went out for an official birthday dinner to my favorite spot in town...Oregano's! We ate way too much and of course had to top it off with their awesome Pizzookie! Slighty baked chocolate chip cookie dough (crisp around edges, soft in the middle) with a ton of vanilla bean ice cream melting on's pure heaven.
Then Jen, Liora, and I went to get pedicures! It was a first for Liora and I and it was fantastic...We even were treated to hot stone massages!

Then a couple of weeks later my Mother-in-law Debbie came to stay for a few days. We had so much fun shopping and sewing and just hanging out. I think she played Barbies with Lauren more than she ever has in her whole life! Thanks for spoiling all of us Deb! We miss you.
I've also been doing other miscellaneous projects around the house...check out the slideshow for pictures!


JonesFamily said...

MMM....Oreganos. Glad it was a good birthday!!

Kim said...

It sounds like you had an awesome, fun birthday, I am glad, your 30th should be amazing. After all it is the new 20's!!

BensonFam said...

Happy Birthday! And I LOVE what you did to the drawers of that dresser! Instructions please!! :)

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

It was a fun pool party with yummy chocolate cake. Your b-day week sounded like so much fun! I would love to see all of your projects in more details. I want to do the one of the girls profiles framed. I love it! You are so Miss Martha Stewart. I need lessons!

OHhh and I love Oregonos! So Delicious!

Peck Family said...

YEA JODI! looks like you had a great birthday! Wish I was there. Miss you.

tessa said...

What neat projects. Yes, instructions please. Thanks again for the quilt top. Turned out great despite my pregnant self on there:)