Friday, July 25, 2008

insects and injuries

Ok, so life has been pretty good lately except for the occasional drama!
The other night was one of the worst.
Kristen, Lauren, and I had spent the day shopping and driving around in our van that had recently had the air conditioning quit working for the 2nd time in a month (ugg). It's pretty bad when you step out of the van into 105 degree temp and it feels refreshing... Anyway, I thought that was enough running around for one day, but then Cory was studying late and I needed to get some groceries, so after we had gone home to recoup from the heat we ventured out again in the evening. I sat Kristen on the lawn for about 30 seconds while I turned on some water for our tree. I go to get Kristen and she starts quickly crawling off of the lawn with little dark specks of something all over her leg that I thought was dirt...WRONG..I had sat her in an ant pile! Now Arizona ants aren't just little pesky red ants, nooooo These hurt BAD!!! When I get bit it's practically like a bee sting. Poor little Kristen wasn't crying but her leg was all red and some of the ants were hanging on for dear life.
So since she wasn't crying I thought we'd still just do our quick run to the produce store. All was well till we got to the checkout stand. I pushed the cart to the end of the counter so the lady could put my bags in the cart. While I was scanning my debit card, out of the corner of my eye I see Lauren step up on the side of the cart with Kristen in the baby seat...It starts to tip and ends up going all the way down. Kristen hits her head and Lauren is trapped under the cart! I scream and both girls are shreaking in terror! (I'm sure me freaking out didn't help!) Anyway, we filled out an incident report and both girls were fine in a matter of minutes. Needless to say I went home, called Cory and said I'm calling it a night!
Here is a picture of Kristen's bites-

Also, We were driving to sonic last night and I hit a freakin' Coyote with our van! It bounced off the front bumper, rolled onto the curb, then got up and ran away...
I think it's time for a new week without so much drama!


Susan said...

Oh goodness... this post was most distressing! Definitely too many injuries (to people and coyote's alike)!

Heidi said...

Holy cow, Jodi!! That sounds so miserable!!! While we lived in Texas, I found out that immediately soaking the skin affected by fire ants in a bleach-water solution helps pull the sting out and also reduces any swelling. I don't know how much bleach in water, but I always kept a gallon under my sink and just dumped. Usually the adrenaline is pumping at that point so measuring is the last thing on your mind. I can't believe she didn't just wail!!! They hurt so badly. Sorry about the shopping cart incident, too. I would have called it quits after a week like that, too! Hang in there!!

Aubree said...

Wow, Jodi. What a crappy day! I'm so sorry. Other than that, how's AZ? Hope to see you soon!