Saturday, May 24, 2008

For you Nana

Well, Nana told me she's going through withdrawals since I haven't posted in a while. We've been having camera issues but now that's been fixed, and our stupid computer is having issues with the camera connecting to download pictures. So until I get things figured out we will be picture-less.
Lauren's birthday came and went. She got so spoiled and had way too much cake. I was seeing the effects of spoiling/cake for a good week afterward. I can't believe we have a 4 year old. She is getting less shy and more independent everyday. I really see a lot of my personality in her these days, that may be why we butt heads..both stubborn!
Kristen is wanting to get into everything these days and just started crawling a couple of days ago FINALLY, but really I was fine with her not crawling, it was easier. She's not really going far, still just content to play with what is within a few feet of her. Also she has a unique crawl...knee, foot, knee, foot. It's a walk/crawl I guess. It's quite cute. I have a little video of it that I'll post ASAP.
She's also trying desperately to pull up on anything and everything around her.
As for Cory and I, Cory survived finals, hallelujah! We have really enjoyed having him around. He's officially a 3rd year student.
I'm just truckin' along trying to keep up with things around the apartment here. Crafting here and there and a little bit of cleaning house when I have to! I need a cleaning lady I've decided. We also enjoy playing with friends on a daily basis. And of course going to the pool!
We will be moving in to a house (rental) in the first part of July and we're excited, but also VERY sad to see our wonderful friends, the Pecks, who live in the house, leave for almost a year.
Well, that's it for now..I'll update pictures soon I hope!


Susan said...

Cute crawling! And Kristin's hair is getting so full and cute!

Nana said...

Cory did the same funky crawl that Kristen does. He was a little backwards though. He learned to walk first and then he picked up the crawling thing. I always thought he looked like a little inchworm. Love, Mom.