Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 things that make me smile

1. My girls- Kristen with her big, gummy, open-mouth smile. That's pure happiness oozing out of there! Lauren's way of being so happy and excited anytime she gets to help Cory with something or when we're doing something as a family.

2. Cory- When he has finished a test and we get to have him all to ourselves for the rest of the day and night.

3. Hiking around Thunderbird Park- This is a new one. I've only done it once but just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. Feeling the burn, enjoying the feeling of reaching the top of the hill, the gorgeous view of the whole valley at sunset, my whole family right there with me, Lauren being a total trooper and walking right along with us. I will be doing this many more times before it hits 115 degrees!

4. Shopping deals- I love all of the great stores around here but it's only ever truly enjoyable when I get a smokin' deal. Well, the fact is I only ever get to buy something when it is on clearance so therefore it's the ONLY time I get to buy something!

5. Pilates- I always feel stronger and taller afterward. It's actually very relaxing and clears my mind. I love seeing when I have developed better form and endurance.

6. Makeup and skincare- I LOVE experimenting with new colors and fragrances. I love when I can make myself feel 100% better just by doing my face for the day. I love being able to give my friends and family advice on things that I have a true passion for. I especially love anything for my lips...I have at least 12 different lip glosses, lipsticks, chapsticks, lipliners in my purse as we speak! I love Mary Kay...I have been selling it for over 2 years now, although I'm not really "active" right now. I think I'm going to get active because I truly love it and believe you can't get anything better for the price. What would I do without my discount??!! Plus I love being able to give friends and Family a good deal!

7. craft projects- I love crafts. I love being able to come up with my own ideas or getting inspiration from other people's projects. I LOVE Joanns and Michaels. I could spend hours in each store.

8. The Arizona Sun- On a beautiful day, sitting on the grass...the children are happily playing nearby while I'm having great conversation with some girlfriends. The sun is different here...hotter, almost more seering but yet so lovely. Getting so hot laying out then jumping in the pool and feeling totally refreshed. There's nothing better!

9. Baby stuff- Babies r' us is like a little slice of heaven. I can't get enough baby stuff and I always want to newest, latest thing. That's the reason I went through 3 different strollers with Lauren and 2 with Kristen.
I hardly ever buy anything but I just love looking around. It will be a sad day when I no longer have a reason to baby shop =(

10. Girlfriends- There is nothing better than a few friends getting together and chatting about our children, husbands, beauty tips, advice, etc. It gives me relief when I'm sad or stressed and when I don't have my husband around as much as I'd like.


ELI said...

I can relate to some of those. Except the "girlfriends" one- that one usually just makes me frustrated and angry.

Nunes Family said...

Cute post. One thing that would make me smile is to have my baby!

Peck Family said...

where are your shoes?

Kristin P said...

Jodi, I loved reading this! Some things I knew about you, but some I didn't. You know, I've always thought you were awesome! You are such a "feel good" person. When I read that, I felt like I was back home in Lewiston sitting on your tramp talking or sitting at the table playing cards. I know I didn't do that a lot, but those are fond memories for me. I wish I could see you again.