Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!

Today was Lauren's first Sunday as a Sunbeam! She did great. She was so brave and loved it.
Her teachers are Brother and Sister Orellana. They seem very sweet and friendly. I think they will be a perfect fit for Lauren.
I went to pick her up from her class after church and she came running...then she saw Logan standing next to me. No "Mommy!!! I'm so glad to see you", she yells "LOGAN!!!!" and gives him a huge hug. I see now who's more important!
Then later she informs me that her teachers name is Sister Orellana and then tells me "and guess what...she has a husband and his name is Orellana too! He has the same name!" She was amazed for some reason.
I'm so proud of my little sunbeam!


Laura said...

Hooray for Sunbeams!! Makayla's first day as a sunbeam did not go so well, unfortunately. It will be the topic of my post later today, but right now I have to get her off to preschool.

Lauren: what a beauty!

Susan said...

Hooray for Lauren! She's so cute. I'm jealous that Emma does not start Sunbeams for another year! She's going to be a real oldy in that nursery... she'll freak out next year when she no longer gets snacks! ;)

The Thomas Family said...

Lauren is in sunbeams already???