Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well t has been a whirlwind 6 weeks here in Idaho!
We have had lots of fun and have been quite busy. Lots of shopping and catching up with old friends. Lauren has been re-acquainted with her little friends and has proceeded to fight with them every chance she gets. Oh joy!

We had an early Christmas with Cory's mom in a little town where they bought a little house/cabin. It was so fun. There was a ton of snow and they had a karaoke machine for us all to embarrass ourselves with.Lauren got a new sled and was very brave going down the hill. She went four-wheeling with her daddy and cousin Desi. Made snow angels and had a snow ball fight.

Christmas was good for us. Cory got Guitar Hero ( a month ago) and I got a new camera, Lauren got lots of fun little toys and things, everything on her list. I was glad everything was 35$ or less. I know these cheaper Christmas lists won't last for long! Kristen didn't get all that much since she has all of Lauren's hand me down toys and stuff.

Kristen is also officially sitting up by herself. She's not always completely sturdy but I can let go and she can hold herself up for a bit! She's getting so big.

I will post a slideshow soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Laura said...

Sitting up already?! I can't believe it!

I'm glad you had a good time in Idaho and a great Christmas, too.

Where did Cory's mom buy a cabin? Just curious since I know the area.

Melissa said...

You are kidding! Sitting up. Mine I don't think is even close. She has rolled over twice...when I wasn't looking. Glad to hear Christmas was good. I know that Alex and I miss you. He talks about his friend once in a while.

Melissa said...

thought about it a little late...a new camera...what did you get?

CresceNet said...
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