Friday, December 14, 2007

ok people!

I'm sure all of you know I do Mary Kay. I am putting in my big order in a couple of days. If anybody needs anything, I'm giving 35% off of everything. We have new mineral powder foundation as well as new lipstick formula and shades. You can go online to
and check things out. I have absolute favorite items if anyone needs suggestions from afar! I will have them shipped to me in Idaho and then I can ship the items to anyone and for those in AZ I'll just bring them back with me on the 29th.
email is
if you're interested tell me what you want ASAP and I'll get the money from you later


Melissa said...

hi, I would love if you ordered me some eye primer! I'm enjoying all your you tubes!And the newspaper....only in Idaho (okay only in small towns!)

Melissa said...
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