Tuesday, November 6, 2007

a thought

I was driving on the 101 (one of the main freeways in town for those of you not here!) tonight and witnessed an accident. The van was in front of me, blew a tire, swerved out of control and rolled over. I pulled over and called 911. I have no idea how the people are and how badly hurt they were since I couldn't just turn around on a busy freeway.
It made me really think about how that could have been me and how sometimes I'm a bit relaxed when it comes to how well restrained my children are in the car. I always buckle them up of course but maybe not as tightly as they should be buckled. It's just a reminder to please, let's all make an effort to be extra careful. It breaks my heart to think that there might have been children in that van. Hopefully everyone was wearing seatbelts!
Scary stuff.
I just wanted to cuddle my kids and be so thankful it wasn't us. Lauren saw the whole thing.
She later told everyone that I "freaked out". She doesn't seem to be affected at all!


Susan said...

That would just about give me a heart attack to see something like that happen right before my eyes! I'm glad you guys are safe... those poor people in the van... I hope they are okay.

Lola said...

That is so scary! I'm glad it wasn't you guys.

One time on my way to Logan, Utah, a drunk driver swerved into my lane of traffic. He missed me, but hit a semi-truck behind me. That truck rolled and there was a 2 or 3 car pile-up behind that. Scary! I know what you mean about freaking out! But I'm glad you and your girls are safe!