Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Latest Happenings

Sunday night Kristen surprised me and slept for 11 hours straight! What a gal! She turned 2 months on Tuesday. I can't believe it. We sure do enjoy having her in our little family. We feel like an official family now with multiple kids!

Monday was Cory and My 5th Anniversary! We celebrated by going out to a movie and Cory bought me these beautiful lillies! (notice the skeleton foot? Doubles as a great Halloween prop!)
Heather and Mike came over with their two kids to watch our two kids! Heather thanks so much, especially since you were puking your brains out too!

Then tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Lauren finishing her "going to sleep in her own bed" chart. We had a great time! It was Kristens first time too so we had to get the family picture done of course!

Over all it has been a great week!


the landreths said...

Wow--a lot of great stuff going on over there! Congrats to all of you for all the milestones.

The Thomas Family said...

Wow, 11 hours? I bet that was nice!! Congrats on your fifth anniversary. And cute picture at Chuck E Cheese. Your girls are so cute!

Susan said...

Hooray for Lauren!