Monday, May 7, 2007

Wow...3 years!

Where in the heck did the last 3 years go!
Lauren's birthday is today. It's been so fun taking her to the mall and Toys r us to let her pick out anything she wants.
And to think 3 years ago I was eagerly awaiting her birth, sitting pretty, all drugged up! And now in exactly 3 months from today is my due date and I get to do it all again! I can't wait! Or maybe I can! Excitement and nervousness consume my mind when I think of the future.
Also, if anyone has any fantastic girls names out tell!!! We are HORRIBLE with girls names.
I'll post birthday pictures later!

UPDATE- Lauren's Party went great! (Thanks Taya!!!) She got to share the fun with her friend Trevi who's birthday is 3 days after hers, so we did a joint pool party at her house! As you can see...Lots of kids-Lots of cake-Lots of water! Lots of FUN FUN FUN =)


Peck Family said...

What about Heather Joy?

wrightlaura said...

Are you kidding me? We can't even think of our own names. We can't share the ONE good one that we have left!
Maybe you could name her Summer. And then when she grows up she could run for Class President and in her speech say "Vote for Summer"
And Kasey suggests Florentine. Which is exactly why we can't share our good name. Because then we are left with "Florentine"!! Sorry that we are not much help.

wrightlaura said...

Crazy!! I too cannot believe that it has been 3 years. It's been so long and so short at the same time. Hope you had fun with Lauren's birthday. Can't wait to see the pictures. Love and miss you guys!

Laura said...

Time does fly! Somehow ... Happy Birthday to Lauren! Hey I like the name Emma... oh and a few others maybe I better save them in case I need them LOL... Do post pics soon.. they are always fun to see! So what did Lauren pick out for her birthday? Hey can you believe I nearly have a 6 year old... 8 weeks and counting for me :o) ~ Laura

KatieElizabeth said...

Instead of Heather Joy, you could name your new girl Acharon, it's greek for "river of woe or distress". If you dont like that, how about Karissa, which is greek for longsuffering. Thats how I would describe being pregnant during the summer in AZ