Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, our vacation is almost over. It has gone by way too fast! Cory's mom got married on Saturday, it was a beautiful day up in the woods. We are so happy for you Rick and Debbie!
Also, Lauren has enjoyed seeing and spending time with all of her old friends. She has also been helping Papa feed the fish every morning and has been enjoying the outdoors.
Soon we'll be back in lovely, hot Arizona!


The Thomas Family said...

How fun! That is so nice that you can escape the heat for a little while! Enjoy before you get's pretty hot here!

Susan said...

It looks so pleasant where you are at... nice and cool. :)

wrightlaura said...

Oh how I miss Lewiston!! Which I never thought I would say. Seeing those photos makes me so sad that we had to cancel our trip. We would have loved seeing you guys!!

Tell Debbie Congrats from us!

Lauren looks adorable--as always!
love you and miss you
The Nielsons