Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Post!

I'm hopefully going to be posting in here a lot. It's kind of like keeping a journal, which I've NEVER been good at so we'll see how it goes!
Lauren had a little photo shoot with me the other day. She has gone from smiling naturally to smiling these big toothy grins where you can't see her eyes because she's squinting. So the pictures here are the couple with decent looks!
She is constantly talking on her play phone to anyone and everyone. Family, Friends, Dora, etc. Very cute!
Cory is doing well in school. Well, anything "passing" is good for me! Things have slowed down a tiny bit and he was actually able to take a night or two break from studying. He's gone more than if he were to have a full time job with overtime!
I'm feeling good these days. I don't even really feel pregnant. I'm still not "looking" pregnant and now the morning sickness is gone, Thank goodness!!!
We will find out in early March if it's a boy or girl. I can't wait! Lauren seems to think she knows it's a girl. I would be excited for her to have a little sister but also would love to have a boy, so either way I'll be waay excited!
Well, life is pretty mellow these days...I'll post again when something interesting happens!


Heidi said...

Cute pics! What a doll you have... she is just too precious! Great to hear the update too! Glad all is well.

k.wormell said...

Dear Jodi,
Hi, it is great to hear from you. Sara & I are adjusting to the time change from Hawaii time which is 3 hrs behind. Lauren is getting so big. Where has the time gone. I would love to see your parents again. I hear they are coming out in the spring.
Take care